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Our Mandate

The Funeral Planner mandate is to provide clear straightforward information on all aspects of funeral pre-planning. This includes documenting the type of funeral, the ceremony, and any special requests tailored to your needs.

Our Funeral Planner Specialists offer assistance and counselling in all areas of funeral pre-planning and pre-funding. We will meet you in your home or at a location convenient to you.


What is Pre-Planning & Pre-Funding

 A pre-need plan is a dedicated funeral fund used to pay the predetermined expenses of a funeral, cremation or burial. Many people choose to make funeral or cremation arrangements prior to their death. These arrangements are commonly referred to as funeral preplanning, prearranging, pre-need, or dedicated funeral fund.

 Funeral preplanning offers peace of mind - knowing that your wishes will be respected and that the family has fewer burdens during a time of grief.

 Others find that by pre-funding their funeral and burial expenses, any additional life insurance they already have purchased may be used for its original purpose and not for funeral expenses.

 Flexible Payment Options

 There are flexible payment options to meet your needs. The death benefit of a pre-need plan grows over time to help offset incidental expenses. The pre-need plan allows policyholders to pre-fund funeral plans by making one single payment or spreading payments out over a one, three, five, or ten-year period. If you relocate to a new area, your pre-need plan transfers with you.

 Tax Exempt & Creditor Protected

 Pre-need plan funds are tax-exempt and creditor protected by law.