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Lisa O’Neill

“Thank you very much for your guidance... 

My biological father passed away November 27, 2009 in Ontario.  He had no insurance and no will.  All I knew for sure was he wanted to be cremated.  It was a very difficult time trying to plan a funeral service from BC.  With the stress of losing my father, having to plan and pay for a funeral, and clean out his apartment I was very overwhelmed and stressed to the max. (almost three weeks later I am still exhausted)  I would recommend to anyone young, old, sick or healthy to pre plan their funeral so their family can mourn without the stress.  It was difficult to mourn and say good bye with all that stress. 

Thank you Candace for preplanning my mom and step fathers funerals...The only thing I need to worry about then is what to wear. 

Thank you very much for you guidance.


Goldie Hall,Williams Lake


Testimonials – BC/Yukon

Terri Robson

“Due to excellent service my mother recently received at loss of her husband, I decided to use the same funeral planners. My meeting with Daryl was enjoyable and the excellent service has begun already, I would recommend this to everyone.”

Marguerite Ross

“I was pleased with the opportunity to pre-arrange.  When my husband died suddenly it made things so much easier.”

Paula Wasyk

“They were great.  It was such a help to his daughter to have my husband’s funeral all paid. She didn’t have to dig into her own pocket. That was his last gift to her.”

Frances Widdoes

“After we experienced how smoothly things went with my mother’s pre-arrangement, we knew we had to do for our family as well.”

Cally-Jean Hengel

“It took a lot of pressure off the family to know you are following your loved one’s wishes, especially if the big decisions are made.”

Joan Carins

“Not pushy – didn’t sell us anything we didn’t want.  Nice, pleasant experience. Pre-arranging was easy.”

Yvonne Joncas

“Prearranging was very simple.  I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Doris and Henry Van Ness

“Our pre-arrangement meeting was excellent.  It cost much less than we had expected.”

Bea Sumner

“They came right to my home.  We couldn’t believe how easy it was – we phoned and within four hours she was there. She came to our place three times. The price was very low.  Having it totally paid for makes it easier on my friend who is the executor. There are so many things to do, one less makes it easier.”

Katherine Huband

“When my husband Jack passed away, the funeral home called me to say the money was there – it was very quick.  I was quite happy we had gone ahead with the pre-arrangements.  My mom and dad both had plans, and my sister, her husband and their two children all have taken out plans as well.”

Claudia Copak

“We made one phone call – it went smoothly. Everything was taken care of. They just took over – we didn’t use all the money so I got a refund. It was very fast and efficient. You are stunned when you are being asked questions on the day of the death.  I’m so glad that Fred and I pre-arranged when we were healthy.”

Alan and Winnifred Laswick

“I think it’s the way to go, no two ways about it. I don’t have to leave anything for my daughter to do – just a phone call.  Already done, they don’t have to worry about payment or anything.  It’s ideal, not expensive.”

Elmina Gauthier

“Prompt and understanding service… no high pressure selling, no added hidden costs… Price was by far better than any others that I checked.  I tell all my friends about you.” 

Linda Dykstra

“They came to my home and explained absolutely everything to me, explained all about pensions and just everything I needed to know.”

Elizabeth Frederick

“Just wonderful, all paid for ahead of time.  We didn’t have to worry about anything.  Such a relief to my sisters and I. I can’t even explain how easy it was.”